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The year is 2389, and it has been almost 15 years since the Dominion War ended. While life has reassumed for many across the Alpha and Beta Quadrant, the Cardassian people are still reeling from the effects of one of the bloodiest and most destructive wars in modern galactic history. For Cardassians the war was nothing less than the systematic destruct of the Cardassian population, where some eight hundred million Cardassians were killed.

The scars from the war are still very visible in the hearts of Cardassians and across their ruined homeworld, Cardassia Prime. It is easy for some to judge the Cardassians, as many across the Federation want for nothing; but, life is not so easy on Cardassia. Violence and famine are still a threat. Cardassia is a hardscrabble world, for many each day is a struggle.

While Cardassia has been swallowed by the darkness of war, all hope is not lost. 2389 marks the reveal of the restoration effort and newly constructed New Lakarian City, a true city upon a hill.

In 2375, following the Cardassian Rebellion's sabotage of the planet's power systems, which caused a planet-wide blackout, the original Lakarian City was leveled by Jem'Hadar troops, on the order of the Founder in command on the planet. All two million inhabitants were killed. This action provoked the defection of the Cardassian military, and a planetary revolt, ultimately turning the tide of the Battle of Cardassia. For this reason, New Lakarian holds special significance for all Cardassians.

Lakarian City was rebuilt after the war, with help from the regional government and wealthy Cardassian families through the Lakarian City Memorial Construction Law passed in 2379. It provided financial assistance for reconstruction, along with land donated that was previously owned by the global government and used for military purposes.

In 2380, a design was selected for the Lakarian City Memorial Park. Lakarian Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, was the only building to survive the raid unscathed and now resides in the heart of the Memorial Park, and was designated the Lakarian Dome. The Dome and surrounding Memorial Park has become home to a number of embassies and consulates which represent several political identities in the region. New Lakarian City is home to many Federation, Breen, Ferengi, and Romulan diplomats.

The rebirth of Lakarian City post the Dominion War is a true symbol of the new beginning for Cardassia and its people. New Lakarian City tells the story of struggle, new life, and hope. Next to the Lakarian Dome there sits a monument to all the millions of dead Cardassians. There is a plaque which reads, “Lakarian fell to awaken Cardassia. Cardassians will never forget. Long live Cardassia, long live New Lakarian City.”

The Game

Our game is set in the year 2389, almost 15 years after the Dominion War. We're based in New Lakarian City on Cardassia, surrounded by foreign diplomats and Cardassian citizens.

Our Characters

From seasoned diplomats and military leaders to doctors and architectural pioneers, our characters truly represent the best and brightest the galaxy has to offer.

Bravo Fleet

Our game ("fiction") is a proud member of Bravo Fleet, an online Star Trek fan club founded in 1997. IC, the nearest Starfleet vessels are part of Task Force 72 in the Fourth Fleet.

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Mission: E1: The Price of Unity
Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 6:05am by Qiana Kazadi & Shiloh Curry

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