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Ambassador-at-Large Alyssa Fleming

Name Alyssa Fleming Ph.D.

Position Chief of Mission

Rank Ambassador-at-Large

Character Information

Formal Title
  • Chief of Mission, Federation Embassy to the Cardassian Union
  • The Federation Ambassador to the Cardassian Union
  • United Federation of Planets Ambassador-at-Large
Formal Address Madam Ambassador; Her Excellency
Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth January 12, 2334
Place of Birth Toronto, Canada (Earth)
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 7in
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alyssa carries herself with a respectable sense of entitlement. As a retired Starfleet Admiral, there's a certain stride in her step that commands formality and seniority. Regardless of where she is, she wears a formal dress or suit with a small Federation flag pinned to her chest. Her hair has different styles depending on her mood. When her position is threatened, she usually cuts her hair short as a sign of strength.


Significant Other Jackson Wyatt
Children Sean Wyatt (Age 16)
Father Daniel Fleming
Mother Caroline Fleming

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Alyssa is strong, determined, and stubborn as hell. Once she makes a decision, she always follows through and expects the same from those beneath her. She's self-righteous, and her moral compass is fully aligned with her political goals, which sometimes that goes against the Federation's orders. She believes that her position gives a unique perspective that not even the President can understand, and sometimes she takes it upon herself to do "what's best" for the Federation. Her Starfleet Tactical training has produced cautious and strategic approaches to new situations, and her diplomatic training has given her tools other than weapons to achieve her goals.

She carries the impression of cold, calculated decision making, but she does so to command the respect of foreign powers. She is desperately afraid to appear weak in front of the Cardassians, Romulans, and Klingons. Her ambitions reach beyond the bounds of her Embassy and Cardassia, however. One day, she intends to become President or hold a seat on the Federation Council. The Cardassians are simply a step to a higher throne, but she understands the delicacy of her position.

Despite the way she carries herself, Alyssa is one of the most social people you'll ever meet. She goes out of her way to ask about family, hobbies, and interests. She makes a genuine effort to earn the trust and respect of those around her. As a diplomat, she's well trained in inter-personal communication and conflict resolution, which often carries over to her personal life. Her family often accuses her of being too much of a counselor, but she isn't afraid to show her strength when required.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Character Overview Ambassador-at-Large Alyssa Fleming (age 55, born January 12, 2334) is a refined and experienced diplomat, with distinguished service in both Starfleet and the United Federation of Planter Diplomatic Corps. She commanded the USS Intrepid during the Dominion War, fighting in the Battle of Cardassia. When the war ended, Harper joined Starfleet Command, where she earned the final rank of Vice Admiral serving as Director of Starfleet Tactical. On February 1st, 2388, the President of the United Federation of Planets designated Wyatt an Ambassador-at-Large and assigned her to the Cardassian Union. She currently lives in Larkarian City with her husband and two sons.

Current Assignment

Posting Embassy Operations
Residence The Ambassador's Residence (Interior)

Service Record

Service Number UFP-672-195; SF-276-480
Security Clearance Level 10 (Ambassador/Admiralty)
Authorization Code Wyatt-1-1-5-9
Diplomatic Status Ambassador-at-Large
Certified to speak on behalf of the United Federation of Planets throughout the galaxy. Reports directly to the Federation President.
Diplomatic Immunity Full Privileges
Training Starfleet Academy
Advanced Astrophysical Navigation
Advanced Self Defense
Advanced Tactical Analysis
Advanced Weaponry
Basic Navigation
Basic Self Defense
Combat Strategy
Command and Control
Communications and Social Order
Federation Law
First Contact
Hand-to-hand Combat
Historical Perspectives on Military Tactics
Prime Directive - Theories & Application
Starship Combat
Strategic Operations
Survival Strategies
Tactical Analysis

Post-Academy Starfleet Training
Command Training

Federation Diplomatic Corps
Federation Diplomatic Law
Intergalactic Comparative Politics
Intergalactic Cultures
Intergalactic Relations
Politics of the Prime Directive
Interpersonal Communications
Conflict Resolution
Service Record 2352 – Assigned rank Cadet Freshman Grade
Studies in Tactical Operations (1yr)

2353 – Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade
Studies in Tactical Operations (1yr)

2354 – Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade
Studies in Strategic Operations (1yr)

2355 – Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade
Studies in Strategic Operations, graduated with honors (1yr)

2356 – Promoted to Ensign
Tactical Officer, USS Excalibur (2yrs)

2358 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Asst. Chief Tactical Officer, USS Excalibur (2yrs)

2360 – Promoted to Lieutenant
Asst. Chief Tactical Officer, USS Venture (1yr)

2361 – Added to Senior Staff
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Venture (4yrs)

2365 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Second Officer & Chief Tactical Officer, USS Venture (3yrs)

2368 – Promoted to Commander
Executive Officer, USS Lexington (4yrs)

2372 – Promoted to Captain
Commanding Officer, USS Intrepid (5yrs)

2377 – Promoted to Commodore
Chief of Starfleet Tactical Orion Sector Command (2yrs)

2379 – Promoted to Rear Admiral
Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical (2yrs)

2381 – Promoted to Vice Admiral
Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical (1yr)

2382 – Added to Starfleet Command Council
Director of Starfleet Tactical (4yrs)

2386 – Appointed Ambassador
The Federation Ambassador to the Orion Syndicate (2yrs)

2388 – Appointed Ambassador-at-Large
The Federation Ambassador to the Cardassian Union (1yr)