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Rakena Kejaad

Name Rakena Kejaad

Position Council Member

Character Information

Formal Title Esteemed Council Member
Formal Address Councillor
Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Place of Birth Culat City, Cardassia Prime
Nicknames/Aliases Kena
Age 81

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9”
Weight 160LBS
Hair Color Silver Grey
Eye Color Pale Blue
Physical Description Rakena is an beautifully aged Cardassian woman. She carries herself with poise and sophistication befitting a woman of her social stature.

He greyed hair is kept short.

Ever the trendsetter, Raken often wears human inspired styles of suits.


Significant Other Jagul Skraq Kejaad (Deceased)
Children Threg Kejaad (son, Deceased)
Father Jev Rujal (Deceased)
Mother Septima Rujal (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Rakena is a woman who likes to follow procedure. She is prim and proper but also tells it like it is.

She has been described as regal, and poise
Ambitions Rakena hopes to continue to serve the Cardassian Union in whatever capacity she is able.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hobbies & Interests Rakena is an avid drinker and collects rare alcohols from around the quadrant. She is apt to share if you come with stories for her

History Rakena was born to Jev and Septima in the city of Culat .

Her mother died shortly after her birth,and as a result she was raised by her father and a slew of nannies.

Rakena’s father was the Director of the Cardassian War College, and held the rank of Gul . Rakena was raised in a very militaristic environment contributing in large to her strategic mind. Her schooling was mostly in preparation for a career in the military. She did her mandatory service in the Union's Intelligence arm, working closely with Central Command.

This work prompted her continued schooling and her decision to pursue a career in politics. Despite not coming from political stock, her military connections made a transition accessible to her.

During her time in politics, Rakena met Skraq. He was a young Officer posted at Central Command. The two began a romance that would lead to their marriage.

She and Skraq were blessed with one child , a son they named Threg . Threg led happy childhood in one of the stately homes afforded to his mother. Raken doted on him and was deeply distraught when he was stricken with a mysterious sickness and passed away suddenly at age 9.

Shortly after their sons death Skraq was given command of a ship by his wife's father, and almost immediately went to battle for the Empire. Jev joined his flotilla aboard his flagship as they flew into a short lived war with a small faction of rogue Klingons.

The war was won, but both Jev and Skraq perished, leaving Raken alone in the world.Her career took a slow dip as she took time to mourn, eventually taking sebatical from her work. Rakena slowly but surely made the slow return to working life in the office of External Affairs.

She soon found herself serving the Union as an Councillor on the Detapa Council. She had gained favour during her time at Central Command, earning her a comfortable life in government.

Current Assignment

Posting Civilian

Service Record

Security Clearance Level 0 (Civilian/Guest Access)
Diplomatic Status None
Diplomatic Immunity None
Service Record Mandatory Military Service, Intelligence Operations-Central Command

Section Representative, Central Command

Advisor, Central Command

Observer, Cardassian Third Order


Advisor(External Affairs), Central Command

Councillor, Detapa Council