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Soit Emla

Name Soit Emla

Position Civilian

Character Information

Formal Title Street Informant, Junk Mechanic
Formal Address Pronounced: So-it Im-Lah
Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Date of Birth May 20th, 2373 (20th Day of Raghuul, 2 BCE / 532 CUC)
Place of Birth Lakarian City, Cardassia Prime
Nicknames/Aliases A couple of throw-away names of deceased Cardassians he'd used to fob off Federation authorities, and none he'd use again.
Age 15

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9” (1.752 meters)
Weight 125lbs. (56.7kg)
Hair Color Black, curly and just past chin-length, usually tied back into a short, utilitarian tail.
Eye Color Brown, nearly Black.
Physical Description It’s probably too generous to say that Soit is attractive, but he is not unpleasant to look at in an androgynous way. By Cardassian standards he is quite forgettable, lacking the crystal-clear intelligence of blue or gray eyes that Cardassians judge to be magnetic. He has a strong, heavy jaw, and a determined chin. In that Cardassians see a somewhat noble bearing- enough to perhaps ask who his parents were, but not enough to raise him out of his current situation.

Like his entire species, Soit has the cobraesque shoulder hood to his neck, the lobeless ear with segmented striations into the jaw and cheekbone. His chin has a symmetrical pair of comma-like curls. His forehead is dominated by a teardrop shaped, concave feature that gives rise to the vulgar “Spoonhead” insult. His nose is bifurcated by a thin, scaly ridge which tapers and diminishes by the time it reaches his lips. He has no eyebrows, but a segmented, linear set of scales which make a hard turn at the apex of the brow toward the hairline. His skin tone is the color of warm gray clay.

Soit is a street kid: he’s been raised with want and deprivation, and it shows. He is neither tall, or especially well built; Soit is skinny and has lanky proportions. He has long, thin limbs and a torso that seems short on his frame. Especially, it looks like he needs to grow into his legs. He has a tendency to squat and when he stands, it’s like seeing an insect or chicken raise itself up on two legs. His hands are long, with slender fingers that seem especially agile. Had he ever any training, they’d be musician’s hands.


Significant Other None; Single
Children None
Father Legate Nex Emla, head of the Cardassian Fifth Order (Deceased 2375 at age 67)
Mother Iashe Jirrat (Deceased 2384 at age 30). Iashe was once beautiful and her looks have influenced Soit’s appearance (to Cardassian eyes, he’s androgynous-looking and forgettable). Iashe was the youngest child of a Gul and her husband and she was groomed to marry rich and powerful. It didn’t go according to plan. Iashe was imprudent, she was impulsive, and she resented her mother.
Sibling(s) A total of eight children, five of them being illegitimate. Two of Emla’s three legitimate children were killed in the bombing of Lakarian City (both were Glinns of the Fifth Order).

The surviving daughter is Akkat Mir, who has since married and had no contact with any of the illegitimate children. She was his oldest and is age 42 and has two children of her own.

One of illegitimate children, an older boy named Coat Emla, also survived. His last known location was on Vondem. He is believed to be 27 years old, is a shipyard engineer and a hardened gambler. He used to work at the surplus ship graveyard near Qualor II.
Other Family Shoggat Ghin became a quasi-fatherly presence in Soit’s life starting at age nine. He was a mechanic and a drunk and his relationship with Iashe wasn’t healthy. But he didn’t allow people to be vindictive toward her because of her wounds. Though in private and while drunk, he kept that arrow in his quiver. Soit loathes him and its because of him that he hates the smell of Kanar.

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Soit is what one gets when one is a boy with a soft heart but has lived in a world that will sooner mug, stab or shoot you than care. Soit is a crab: a tough, brittle exterior protecting soft, vulnerable things on the inside. In a better world, Soit probably would have become a musician; not necessarily a great one or one that packed the arenas, but one who could get by on technical expertise and mathematical beauty.

None of that was afforded to him. Cardassia has not embraced high culture for centuries and labeled it “dissident.” He is the illegitimate child of a powerful man and a fallen dilettante. He’s a street kid who has no realistic aspirations for such high culture living now. Soit is the type of person to curiously touch strings or keys of an instrument and wonder what is wrong with him that he liked them. It’s not practical.

Soit is a boy who has had to live a pragmatic existence but in his heart of hearts, he wants to fly away to freedom. His heart beats for novelty, the strange, the macabre and the beautiful. He wants wonder and deep thinking, especially deep thinking where the world at least makes some sense to him. He lives in a universe of constant tension, berating himself for flaws that another might see as a nascent gift or interest, and constantly reminding himself that if he doesn’t stop being weak, he will starve to death.

Soit knows enough about his father to know that he was feared, respected and powerful. And any sane Cardassian would want to chase that massive shadow into inevitable mediocrity, service to the state and the comforts of a military life. But he’s also deeply distrustful of recognized authority and it’s obvious limitations. Part of him likes to thumb his nose at it, probably a string of stubborn dignity and hope that someday he will rise out of the cesspit of his life, and matter- probably by recognizing his family name. He is indoctrinated enough to know that names and blood get you places in Cardassian society.

Soit’s thinking is that of one living in a desert, or under siege. He is used to fear, enough to know that there are different levels and different types of it. The trick is to know which kinds you can live with or use, and which kinds are best to run from because they’ll never serve you well. He is slow to trust others, especially others who recognize themselves as having authority over people. Once you have his trust, he might literally be willing to die or risk injury to save you. He has a certain degree of paranoia about any situation outside his normal experience.

By the Meier-Briggs standard, Soit is a solid INTP. If he’d been allowed to express his truer feelings earlier, he might have been more INFP. He doesn’t trust his feelings beyond intuition easily, though he has them. Instead he trusts deep thinking- alone thinking- where he weighs what he feels with what he knows.

It is readily apparent that Soit is withdrawn, awkward in social situations and shy. He doesn’t like large groups of people- the more people, the bigger the threat. Even among individuals he is hard to get to open up. Opening up is hard because it doesn’t feel very safe. When he can open up, he is loving, thoughtful and has an unspoken revelry in all these things he’s being allowed to feel instead of just think through or protect.

But making that connection with him is difficult. Most people don’t interest him. It takes a shared interest to bring out Soit’s excitability and passion. To people who don’t get him, he can be condescending. The worst thing he can say to another being is: “Never mind.” As in, it’s not even worth explaining it to them. It’s not worth the energy expenditure.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Afraid of Heights
Ambitions To survive. Soit hasn't had the luxury of ambitions. Should his situation improve or stabilize, he can examine the idea.
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Hobbies & Interests Computers: Though forever tied to his loathsome adopted father, Soit has found a certain structured appreciation to the deep complexities of programming. And there is something very satisfying about building something with your hands. He's intrigued by but mostly ignorant of holography.
Singing (to himself): There is a burst of completeness to the act, one that calms Soit unless he thinks about how useless it can be viewed as.
Dom-Jot: A time waster that he's realized has a mathematical precision to it.
Scrounging: A bit of a pack rat because of his situation, Soit spends a lot of time worming through forgotten tunnels, caved in ruins and strange places. He finds a lot of junk that he doesn't understand the use for, but some of it he recognizes as something he might be able to sell. Some of it he keeps for himself.

History Soit (pronounced So-It Im-Lah) barely knew his Father, an older man who had risen through the ranks of the Cardassian state- one who kept several mistresses. Soit’s mother was one of a half-dozen of them. Such were the benefits of power.

To the people who knew to fear him, Legate Nex Emla was a powerful man among the Cardassian Fifth Order, dedicated to planetary survey, archaeology and reconnaissance. They were active in pillaging Bajoran artifacts during the Occupation. To really know Emla, was to understand that he was tied to the Obsidian Order and his position within the Fifth Order was to funnel useful reconnaissance and scientific data to their spymasters.

Nex Emla died during the final siege on Cardassia Prime by the joint Federation-Romulan-Klingon Alliance, in command of the Keldon-class Melisthra. Soit was barely a toddler when his father perished. He died not knowing his father’s politics, like how Nex loathed Gul Dukat for selling the Cardassian state to the Dominion. He never lived to see his people turn the tide on the Dominion with the bombing of Lakarian City, his home city.

Legate Emla was aware of Damar’s Liberation Front but like any good Cardassian, he played his opinions about it close to the vest. He sympathized, even if it came from a “lesser” Cardassian. Emla was a loyal leader among the Cardassian’s Dominion forces for all anyone ever knew. He died before anyone could tarnish that. His heart never overrode his sensibilities.

Nex Emla was a deeply flawed man. He loved his family and other women in equal measure. Being a good Cardassian, family was vital to him and he took his bastard children in as dutifully as he would his own- of course with the caveat that his children under marriage would be preferred when it came to his estate.

Nex Emla’s estate was leveled by the Dominion, as were most of his children, his wife and four of his six mistresses. Today, nearly fifteen years after his death, Nex Emla’s legacy is as a ghost among some 800 million other Cardassians. Nothing of his villa has been excavated yet, as they lie in the ruins still outside of the New Lakarian City.

Soit was born in the Earth year of 2373, a date that coincides with the 20th Day of the Month of Raghuul. He was born in the Common Union Calendar year of 532. That date is now recognized as two years Before the Common Era. Soit’s life ended and began again with the destruction of Lakarian City. He was found huddling in a sub-basement conduit of the city’s subterranean magrail system with his mother, in an air pocket of collapsed structure. They were found three days after the war ended. Iashe Jirrat had been badly burned and held scars of the experience until she died some five years ago. Soit remembers the pain she endured and how she tolerated the onlookers staring at the burns that had seemingly melted the ridges on half her face. Something about her burns were all too like the visage of the female Founder ordering the final death of the Cardassian people. She was never treated well.

Soit grew up in the streets among the ruins of a once great city. He was his mother’s caretaker as much as she was his. Soit only has thin memories of how they survived for the first eight years of his life. It was an incongruous, parallel existence: Soit remembers being sent out of the tent and beyond the privacy screen they’d erected in front of the door during the day. Often it was multiple times a day and didn’t seem to matter if he was hungry, tired or both. Later in life, Soit put together what she was doing and how she supported their survival. He can’t easily make peace with it. But it was the same way she maneuvered into the good graces of Legate Emla to begin with.

Under the cover of night when his mother slept, Soit was more active. With a stolen Starfleet flashlight in hand, he would dive into the ruins of his homeworld to find sellable trinkets, non-perishable foods and the odd piece of something he felt a compulsion to stow for himself. Being small, Soit had to steer clear of older, larger and more experienced orphans and their gangs. He was successful enough to live into adulthood, but not so much that he wasn’t robbed, beaten and manipulated.

Shortly before his mother’s death, Soit broke through into a strange place. It terrified him and beguiled him in equal measure. It was a world that the Cardassian people had never been told about at large. Had he lived, Legate Emla may have shared the secret, as he was ultimately an archaeologist (and seller of relics). Soit had stumbled into a burial chamber of a Hebitian-era priestess and her closest acolytes. He couldn’t read the carvings, as they were classical Hebitian, which would be akin to an English speaker trying to uncover the meaning of Sanskrit. It became his hideyhole, and where he stowed his own personal treasures away from prying eyes.

Soit largely grew up with a healthy mistrust toward the Federation and Starfleet types who patrolled the ruins. He only took their rations and supplies when truly desperate. In some ways he was equally distrusting of the Cardassians who came into the ruins and camps promising a better future. Right. Cardassians had been sold on promises of better futures for centuries and it always turned south. He knew what Cardassians could do to one another. Soit was young but he was skeptical of claims like that. He was hungry and destitute; he didn’t have time to entertain the big dreams. He had to pay attention to the trees, not the forest.

By age nine, a man had semi-permanently entered his mother’s life. Soit loathes him for many complex reasons, but mostly because of the tired old reason that the man was simply not his father and had the audacity to hook up with his mother. His name was Shoggat Ghin. He drank a lot of kanar- the cheap, sludgy stuff- to deal with his mental anguish and his own war wounds (Ghin has a prosthetic leg). His relationship with Iashe was unstable and sometimes abusive. He was controlling. In turn he wanted to treat Soit as a son, an apprentice and as a good for nothing ingrate. And to be fair, Soit was never grateful to the man for anything.

Shoggat Ghin worked for the Federation’s humanitarian forces as a mechanical engineer. He specialized in computer interfaces and language decryption and was a low-level specialist in the Cardassian Guard once. But his drinking habits soon saw him dismissed and angled toward a rehab center which he simply walked past. That was about the time that Iashe found the lump in her neck ridges and into some glands that were once venom sacs from way back when Cardassians were still climbing an evolutionary ladder. They tend to inflict a virulent, easily metastasized cancer in females more than males.

Iashe took her own life rather than suffer through the disease. She was too proud to ask the Federation for help. Shoggat found her body and refused to let a screamed, frantic pre-adolescent Soit see the scene. Part of Soit knows Shoggat spared him the anguish. He’d seen a lot of death in its various stages in the ruins, but he’d never been close to them. He still hates Shoggat for it, once declaring in venomous anger, “I hope I get to see your body one day.” He got slapped for it and disappeared for a week into the ruins until he came toddling back with fresh rib bruises after he was mugged by older boys.

For the last five years, Shoggat has descended further and further into a kanar-damaged stupor, his motor skills leaving him. In that time though, he taught Soit how to work on computers, how to rebuild them, fix them and program them. And he imparted his understanding of Federation subroutines, protocols and crypto-language so the boy might be able to break into a low-level system to survive; devices like replicators.

One night recently he found Shoggat unconscious and barely breathing. First, he kicked the man in the face. Then with a wave of guilt, he hoisted what had become a rather obese man onto his shoulders, and he took him to a Federation facility for treatment. He disappeared back into the ruins shortly thereafter.

Current Assignment

Posting Civilian
Residence A small Hebitian Tomb of a 21st Dynasty Priestess and her Alcolytes; Formerly, a lean-to in the abandoned, underground magrail system under the old Merchant's Quarter

Service Record

Security Clearance Level 0 (Civilian/Guest Access)
Diplomatic Status None
Diplomatic Immunity None
Training Hand to Hand Combat (Rudimentary; Street Type Fighting.)
Knife Combat (Improvised, Basic; he knows to hold the knife parallel to his forearm, not straight out)
Energy Hand Weapons (he knows what end to point at something to kill it- no formal sharpshooting or accuracy training at all)
First Aid (Beginner knowledge- tourniquets, applying pressure and the like)
Survival Strategies (terrestrial world only; very adept in urban environments; he can erect various types of ad hoc shelter, devise ways to trap rain water, etc.)
Games (Dom-Jot, intermediate, won’t be hustling anyone anytime soon)
Language: Klingon (mostly the curse words, yes and no)
Language: Ferengi (can count to fifty, yes and no, a few phrases)
Language: Cardassian (Fluent)
Language: Classical Hebitian (he can recognize its script; he has no idea what it means)
Language: Federation Standard (reasonably fluent with a few holes but a few technical terms, a couple of vulgar terms)
Language: Romulan (again, the curse words, yes and no, and “Stop!”)
Law: Cardassian. (enough to know what laws he’s habitually breaking, not enough to save himself in litigation)
Military Insignia: Federation (doesn’t necessarily know the ranks; knows two pips is inferior to four, the guys with the funny hexagon with bars and dots is really low in the hierarchy; the person with the pips in the square are like Legates)
Military Insignia: Cardassian (knows his Glinns from his Guls and can identify the emblem of most of the extant Orders).
Computer Interfacing (Trainee-level)
Computer Encryption/Decryption Protocols (Federation and Cardassian- only enough to get him in trouble if he tried to hack something higher than a public device, replicator or kid’s computer)
Computer Programming (Trainee-level)
Holo-Programming (Trainee-level)
Computer Build and Repair (approaching the skill of a first year Cadet; good at jury-rigging)
Orienteering (Skilled; does well both above and below ground, with an average amount of mistakes)
Applied Biology (pre-Trainee; he knows enough about Vole nests to tell a main nest vs. a branch nest; he knows they taste terrible and usually give you gas; has a reasonable understanding of what urban vermin is edible or inedible, dangerous or benign; he can locate taspar eggs by the scent their nests create)
Sing (no formal education but he can carry a tune well enough. Not professional by any means. He sings to himself when he’s sad or scared).
Mimic Voices (enough to mock someone or disguise his voice, wouldn’t pass a voice synthesizer even on a good day)
Concealment (Amateur; could hide a slip of latinum or a data rod, nothing larger; knows enough to use a hand or a movement to hide his concealing action.)
Medical Notes Underweight and suffering from minor malnutrition (vitamin deficiency).