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Director-General Magdalena Villa-Encarnación

Name Magdalena Engracia Villa-Encarnación

Position Director-General of Operations

Rank Director-General

Character Information

Formal Title Director
Formal Address Director Villa
Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth June 12, 2327
Place of Birth Santa Fe, New Mexico, North American Sector
Nicknames/Aliases Mag, Lena
Age 61

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5" (1.62m)
Weight 145lbs. (66.7 kg)
Hair Color Salt and Pepper, getting grayer by the day
Eye Color Brown


Significant Other Rafael Villa-Encarnación (Age 66)
Children Esteban Villa-Encarnación (Age 30), Rafaelito Villa-Encarnación (Deceased 2383), Concepción Villa de la Cruz (Age 27)
Father Esteban Berrocal-Villa (Age 89)
Mother Génesis Ocampo-Villa (Age 90)
Sibling(s) Elisenda Villa-Escribano (Age 64)
Other Family Magdalena has an enormous family, with several nieces and nephews and in-laws through Rafael's side. She has two grandchildren from Concepción's side. Esteban is a bit of a rogue and black sheep and hasn't fathered any children (that he knows of).

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Brassy, bold and earthy, Magdalena is the opposite side of the coin to the Ambassador-at-Large. Magdalena is the type that finds life closest to the bone. She does everything with an infectious passion. Where her superiors lead with poise and decorum, Magdalena is more apt to lead a charge with a raised sword- or at least, a ready trowel. She's fond of giving people Spanish nicknames, sometimes condescending or a humor jab, sometimes just off the cuff. For example, her nickname to the Ambassador is "Rubita"- basically "Blondie."

Magdalena is everyone's doting and entirely too nosy Mamacita. She believes people should be proud of who they are regardless of any of their critics. She certainly is. But she does get a bit of a giddy, youthful thrill at asking probing questions. She's the kind of Mamacita who'll comment, "I like his tight little butt!" when the ladies can't help but survey a handsome Security officer. She has very, very little filter and is notorious for using it, her earthy charm and a good joke to win people over.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hobbies & Interests Traditional New Mexican Cooking: She believes in three solid meals a day, and only that replicated crap if you can't get fresh ingredients. There is pleasure to handling real food to Magdalena. Her cooking is simple, spicy and tasty- and very old school. Her favorite dishes to cook are "Christmas" Enchiladas, Rellenos and stuffed Sopapillas.
Guitar Music: When Magdalena was age 33, she suffered a hand injury. Her physical therapist suggested she take up the guitar to get her dexterity back. The results have been... mixed. She's never going to play to anyone but family and usually does it alone. And her family are very, very patient. She is an obstinate pupil when it comes to learning music and so she is mostly self-taught. She enjoys guitar music when she's working.
Dancing: "Dancing keeps you young and in love. Even if he moves like a frog walking on his toes," Magdalena once said. Dancing is a joyous thrill, abandoning social convention for movement, pleasure and song.
Family: Magdalena is every bit the classic Latina mother- she calls her children, her sister, her mother incessantly, and over the smallest of details.
Archaeology: Magdalena'a days of crawling through caves and stooped over a site with a toothbrush are well past her. But throughout most of her life, Archaeology has been her primary passion. She served in Starfleet between ages 23 and 40 as a Chief Archaeologist and Historian aboard two different starships. She resigned her commission in 2367, on her fortieth birthday.
Yoga: The light stuff. The only time she likes to sweat is on a dig, or over the stove.

Current Assignment

Posting Embassy Operations

Service Record

Service Number UFP-631-576
Security Clearance Level 8 (Director)
Authorization Code Villa-Tau-3-3-8
Diplomatic Status Representative
Certified to represent the United Federation of Planets.
Diplomatic Immunity Partial Privileges
Training Archaeology (Expert: 40+ years experience. Specializes in Earth, Vulcan and Orion).
Ancient Philosophies
Anthropology (Cultural Anthropology is her specialty)
Diplomacy (Enough to grease the wheels of local dignitaries who need to sign off an excavation)
Survival Strategies (Rusty on the non-terrestrial stuff)
Language: Spanish (Fluent)
Language: Federation Standard (Fluent)
Language: Navajo (Fluent)
Language: Vulcan (Fluent)
Language: Classical Vulcan (Fluent)
Language: Imperial Classic Orion (Fluent)
Language: Cardassian (Functionally literate, but not yet technically Fluent)
Medical Notes A touch of arthritis in her knees and elbows from years of scrambling through ruins and caves, high blood pressure (controlled with medication).