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Ambassador Nat

Name Nat

Position Ferengi Ambassador

Rank Ambassador

Character Information

Formal Title DaiMon Nat, Negotiator Nat
Formal Address Mister Ambassador, Negotiator Nat
Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Date of Birth January 5th, 2350
Place of Birth Ferenginar
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4" (1.62m)
Weight 125lbs. (56.7kg)
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Physical Description        
Nat is your typical Ferengi: short of stature, small of build, deceptively strong. Nat easily reminds people of a weasel or rat, from his narrow black eyes, large nose, jagged mouth of teeth and his tendency to bear them as he speaks. For people not used to Ferengi body language, he is likely as offputting as any of the rest of his race. Nat's voice doesn't help: a gravelly growl like one is listening to a ferret perform a rendition of the Godfather.

And Nat does have Ferengi body language- his tendency to bend his body yet angle toward the jawline while bearing his teeth evokes images of a Ferengi wanting to tear out the throat of whoever he is speaking to. In a meerkat-ish way, he tends to hold his hands against his chest. His eyes are shrewd, distrusting and always watching.

What Nat lacks is a notion many associate with the Ferengi: that he is sizing you up for a sucker or a good competitor, and how much your mulched remains would sell for. He doesn't do that. And he is respectful: Nat doesn't leer at females or push Ferengi culture on to non-Ferengi (unless they work for him of course). He's also learned that talking about wealth and latinum makes most foreigners uncomfortable.


Significant Other Liri (Contracted Wife: 2379-2387).
Children None
Father Brem (Allocator Brem. Essentially a Ferengi Loan Manager. Age 64.)
Mother Aikia (Housewife)
Sibling(s) Norin (Brother: Age 35. a DaiMon in the Ferengi Alliance).
Fane (Half Sister: Age 30. A Housewife).
Other Family Uncle Yenzo: The loser in the family. Nobody invites him around. He's one of those insane "Eliminators."
Uncle Plemp: The huge success in the family. Plemp owns his own Holosuite Program Production Company.

Personality & Traits

Ambitions Nat is a complex little Ferengi. Negotiators seldom make the bricks of Latinum afforded to those in the Commerce Authority on Ferenginar, but at the same time they help set the stage for who Ferengi can and cannot do business with. So there is often a lot of under the table lobbying and greasing going on.

Nat enjoys that latinum, but he also enjoys the connections with other DaiMons and potential businessmen who seek out new opportunities. The currency of the Negotiator is weighed, curiously, in who you know, not how much latinum is in your vault.

In his heart of hearts, Nat is a traditional Ferengi. He prefers his females naked, not earning profit and bearing children. He believes firmly that the Rules of Acquisition are the bedrock that have made the Ferengi the strongest competition in the Quadrant- and beyond. Grand Nagus Zek was the greatest Ferengi Nagus in history, even when his mind started to go and the Liquidators smelled blood in the water.

But Nat has also adopted some of the more important elements of the past fifteen years into his way of thinking. He feels no need to be disgusted by alien females in positions of power. He can accept that non-Ferengi have different values than Ferengi, and that doesn't mean they can't do business. Nat also largely agrees with Zek and Rom that the Federation, while very strange, is an open door of opportunity.

Nat chose this assignment and the Grand Nagus was pleased to put an ally there. Nat believes a strong Cardassia is better for the entire Quadrant: not a military dictatorship, but one with a robust economy that imports and exports, has job opportunities around every corner, a humming industry and a banking system that the shrewd Cardassian people deserve. Nat is pleased to be helping build the Cardassian infrastructure of Lakarian City and employs primarily Cardassians, with fellow Ferengi in the financial sectors as required.

He is happy to make connections with the Cardassian body-politic, and to help triage its economic system. In a way, Nat is your classic wealthy businessman who has entered politics as a way to "give" (for lack of a better word) back.

Character Overview Nat was, up until 2379, a DaiMon in the Ferengi Alliance. He made a change to politics, rising through the ranks of the Ferengi to the rank of "Negotiator"- the Ferengi equivalent of an "Ambassador."

Current Assignment

Posting Embassy Operations
Residence Ferengi Ambassador's Residence at the Ferengi Embassy. The Ferengi concept of an "Embassy" is unusual to most species. A Ferengi Embassy is, in part, a private business licensed by the FCA. It is given Embassy status by the Grand Nagus and the Council of Liquidators.

The Ferengi Embassy that Nat is assembling is a spa and retreat for the Cardassian elite and can, at a moment's notice, accommodate the needs of other species for banquets. The main atrium is decidedly High Cardassian in architecture, with large arched windows to catch the light.

The interior is meant to be a hothouse so Cardassians need not feel troubled with the foreign tendency to keep their installations cool. Deeper within, very important guests have their rooms interconnected to a dry sauna lanai so they can relax and enjoy the warmth. As Cardassian are a decidedly xenophobic species, Nat has staffed the lower level with Cardassians to serve their fellow Cardassians. However they all work under Ferengi business contracts and are paid by him.

Nat and his entourage live in the much more Ferengi-flavored top level within the embassy itself. He doesn't bring Cardassian business associates there, preferring to meet them on what is his home advantage, but also comfortably Cardassian. His apartments include an indoor garden that resembles Ferenginar more than Cardassia, a transporter room, a latinum vault, a meeting hall to receive Ferengi guests, and a small shuttlebay where his personal shuttle is parked.

Service Record

Security Clearance Level 10 (Ambassador/Admiralty)
Diplomatic Status Ambassador
Certified to speak on behalf of the United Federation of Planets with a foreign government. Reports directly to the Federation President.
Diplomatic Immunity Full Privileges