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Legate Caol Revek

Name Caol Revek

Position Gul-Tar

Rank Legate

Character Information

Formal Title Gul-Tar or Legate
Formal Address Legate
Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Date of Birth 8 January, 2308
Place of Birth Cardassia Prime, Old Lakarian City
Nicknames/Aliases Madred's Thorn, The Knife
Age 81

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 227 lbs
Hair Color Grey/silver
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Caol Revek is a powerfully built Cardassian man beginning to reach late age. He has a worn and wrinkled face reminiscent of weathered stone. His face and hands are lined with numerous scars from past battles. His hair is neatly groomed and styled, typically combed back with military precision. His dark eyes are large inquisitive pools that scan his surroundings with practiced caution.


Significant Other Gul Rokai Olaras
Children Gul Cen Revek (age 51, commander of the CDS Romplar), Narel Revek (age 49, aide to the Executor of the Detapa Council), Glinn Jolem Revek (age 45, deputy commander of the CDS Kournak)
Father Parwrec Matrid (deceased, 2372)
Mother Legate Seine Revek (deceased, 2375)
Sibling(s) Gul Roshan Revek (deceased, 2375), Elain Revek (deceased, 2376)
Other Family Coremel Revek (nephew, aged 42, political advisor to the Detapa Council)

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Legate Revek is a man accustomed to command. He is guided by his devotion to the state and the desire to act prudently on its behalf. This dedication to foresight has helped craft Revek into a cunning tactician and a cautious politician, cognizant of the need to conduct himself with the utmost poise and control under immense stress. He has a pessimistic view of people, assuming the worst in everyone and analyzing them for potential weaknesses to be exploited for future use.

The man behind the title of Legate masks some major personal battles. His relationship with his family has been strained since the Dominion War, and he can often be found drowning his sorrows by working extremely late and consuming large amounts of kanar.
Strengths & Weaknesses Legate Revek is a competent battle commander and a skilled political player, having navigated the post-War Cardassian power vacuum successfully to the position of Gul-Tar. His reputation for dedicated service to the state and a stubborn will to survive lend additional weight to his dispassionate and calculated approach to his work.

While Revek is skilled in warfare, politics and diplomacy, he lacks skill in much else. He is only a passable engineer and he has an elementary knowledge of medical or scientific phenomena that are unrelated to the operation of weaponry. He lacks the skill needed to inspire confidence or action from those around him, preferring to use tools of clandestine negotiation and coercion.
Ambitions Revek wants to mend the rifts between the different factions of his extended family, and to retire within ten years to pursue a seat on the Detapa Council.
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Hobbies & Interests Art, music, and scholarly research from Cardassia and other galactic powers. He also has a dangerous fondness for kanar.

Character Overview Legate Caol Revek (age 81, Gul-Tar of Cardassian Central Command) is a cunning military strategist and politician with a long record of service in loyal dedication to the Cardassian state. He is a well respected and equally feared public official with sixty years of experience in the Cardassian fleet. He has commanded starships on the Cardassian frontier since the late 2350s. He has survived decades of conflict between the Cardassians and its rivals, and in the last decade rose to prominence as one of the most senior Cardassian Gul's to initially rebel against the Dominion. His choice to support the rebels caused a major familial rifts which are still tender to the present day. However, he navigated this setback and accepted the outcome, dedicating himself to the cause. Following the end of the war, he helped support the post-war rebuilding efforts, working his way through posts in Central Command and dispatching his rivals for the position of Gul-Tar. In 2382 he finally succeeded, achieving the position. As Gul-Tar, Legate Revek is both the chief military advisor to the Detapa Council and a designated Ambassador-at-Large of the Cardassian Union, authorized to act on behalf of the Council in matters deemed appropriate as proclaimed by the Council.
History More to follow once I have time.

Current Assignment

Posting Unassigned
Residence Cardassian Central Command, Gul'Tar's Quarters

Service Record

Security Clearance Level 0 (Civilian/Guest Access)
Diplomatic Status Ambassador-at-Large
Certified to speak on behalf of the United Federation of Planets throughout the galaxy. Reports directly to the Federation President.
Diplomatic Immunity None
Service Record 2327 - Cardassian Central Command, officer training.
2330 - Cardassian Central Command, Warfare Officer.
2332 - CDS Kirlak, Warfare Officer
2334 - CDS Aenodok, Warfare & Political Officer
2337 - CDS Orangan, Deputy Warfare & Political Officer
2339 - CDS Kuren, Deputy Warfare & Political Officer
2340 - CDS Kuren, Head Warfare Officer & Political Officer
2342 - CDS Samod, Assistant Deputy Commanding Officer & Political Officer
2345 - CDS Fura, Assistant Deputy Commanding Officer & Head Warfare Officer
2349 - CDS Dakolar, Deputy Commanding Officer & Political Officer
2351 - CDS Haneidlor, Deputy Commanding Officer & Head Warfare Officer
2355 - CDS Korenek, Commanding Officer
2360 - CDS Ishmak, Commanding Officer
2364 - CDS Kagrand, Commanding Officer; Assistant Deputy Commanding Officer, Cardassian Third Order
2368 - CDS Bok'Tel, Commanding Officer; Deputy Commanding Officer, Cardassian Sixth Order
2372 - CDS Teplar, Commanding Officer; Deputy Commanding Officer, Cardassian Sixth Order
2374 - CDS Teplar, Commanding Officer; Head of the Cardassian Sixth Order
2375 - Cardassian Central Command, Political Advisor; Head of the Cardassian Sixth Order
2378 - Cardassian Central Command, Director of Military Operations (Deputy Gul-Tar)
2382 - Cardassian Central Command, Gul'Tar, Ambassador-at-Large