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Commander Qiana Kazadi

Name Qiana Aimee Kazadi

Position Chief of Security

Rank Commander

Character Information

Formal Title Chief of Security, Federation Embassy to the Cardassian Union
Formal Address Commander
Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth November 20, 2348
Place of Birth Alexandria, Egypt (Earth)
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Qiana holds herself confidently. Her arms are usually crossed, and she doesn't avoid eye contact. Behind her deep brown eyes, calculations are constantly being made. She keeps her hair neat at shoulder-length, tucked behind an ear. She has scars like any red shirt would—radiation burns, cuts, scrapes. All of which, she keeps hidden beneath her uniform.

She is athletic, and makes sure exceeds basic physical requirements for her position, but doesn't look very intimidating. She tends to hold her chin high, and wear padded boots to make her look slightly taller, but to most species, she's still shorter than average height.


Father Remy Kazadi
Mother Aliana Kazadi
Sibling(s) Jore Kazadi
Pierre Kazadi

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview As a foothold of her character, Qiana's belief in Starfleet is strong, and that peace is at the heart of what society should strive for. She has an undying devotion to the Prime Directive, and holds close her oath the protect her crewmates. Some may see that as naivety, but Qiana sees it as the unbending truth of the Federation as a whole. She tends to see things black and white, and doesn't give leeway when it comes to law and stability.

She approaches every task critically and with tact. Her strong empathy for others tends to collide with her need for order. Qiana takes all the time necessary to make a decision, making sure to take account of all parties at her disposal. When she makes a choice, she follows through diligently, and doesn't give it a second thought. She expects integrity from those that work under her, which seems severe to many. Her job is important to her, and she expects others to give the same amount of effort.

To those her earn her trust, which is easier than it may seem, Qiana displays warmth and strong camaraderie. She is extremely loyal, and would go to the ends of space and back for any one of her friends. She enjoys building deep connections with others, and will take no reservation asking whatever is on her mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Ambitions Her station in the Embassy is her dream job, and she intends to do it the best that she can.
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hobbies & Interests Qiana does things that keep her mind and body sharp. She enjoys puzzles of any type, and any game of strategy. 4-D chess is her favorite leisure activity. She sticks to the gym quite often to do yoga, practice martial arts, and do endurance training. She loves cooking and sharing it with others. It's common for her to host dinner for her friends. If she drinks enough, she may even pull out her french horn.

History Qiana Aimee Kazadi was born in Alexandria, Egypt on Earth. Her parents were both researchers for the New Library of Alexandria, which was a scientific laboratory for the Federation. She lived on the coast of the Mediterranean, the only sister to two older brothers. The Kazadi's traveled seasonally for research purposes. From a young age, Qiana was comfortable with many different cultures across the galaxy.

With the consistent travelling, her primary and secondary schooling were typically done by a tutor, supplied by the library. While her brothers excelled at mathematics and science, Qiana did well in her arts and history. Her favorite books to read for school were books about the founding of the Federation. She found the ideals of the founding members intriguing, and the prospect of peace admirable. Qiana was also active, and would find other kids her age to play with her, race her, or go swimming with. Due to her hyperactivity, her parents made her study martial arts in the holodeck. She found an affinity towards capoeira and judo.

In her later teen years, her brothers ended up joining the Library of Alexandria, while Qiana's eyes set on Starfleet. Her fascination with the Prime Directive and the Federation lead her to enlist. Although she had a hard time on settling on a career path, Security is where her heart led her. Something enthralled her about being the physical force of Starfleet, and being a protector of the Federation. Before long, she left her home in Alexandria, to attend the Academy.

Much of her time at the academy was spent studying for tests and simulations. Qiana's social life waned under her need for excellence in her courses. Though, the diversity of the academy was enough to satiate her lack of travel, being in San Francisco for the better part of 4 years nearly lead her to insanity. She found comfort in her extracurricular of playing in the band, becoming proficient in the French Horn. When she graduated in 2369, she was sent to serve on the USS Ticonderoga.

Ensign Qiana was only just a security officer, but found quite a bit of action in the Badlands with the newly formed Maquis. The guerrilla tactics of the dissidents caused for quite the struggle for the Ticonderoga. Soon, the Maquis became a minor enemies when rising tensions occurred with the increasing presence of the Dominion in the sector. With the shift towards combat during the Federation-Klingon war, the Ticonderoga was reassigned to the Beta Quadrant as a defensive battleship at Archanis IV border. Although the war didn't even last a full year, it was the cause of a significant amount of casualties.

It wasn't long after that the Ticonderoga was sent back to the Cardassian-Federation border after the Union joined the Dominion. The war broke out. The constant battles was not what Qiana originally signed up for, but she understood the importance of maintaining autonomy from the Dominion. She believed in order, but not in the xenophobic and oppressive ways of the Founders. It was often that she lost comrades in combat, which was good for her career, but bad on her psyche. She was promoted by default to Assistant Security Chief of the ship due to previous few dying. With that promotion, she was given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

After the signing of the Treaty of Bajor, the Ticonderoga stayed in the sector to maintain peace and stability. This was a better situation for Qiana. She felt as though she was getting back to her original reasoning for joining Starfleet. Her position turned from soldier, to an officer who was able to provide relief for the Cardassian people. She, along with many other Federation ships, were stationed around Cardassia to help ensure the safety of the different regions affected by the bombardment.

Qiana quickly found herself empathetic to the Cardassian people, who were more affected by the war than almost anyone else. The civilian casualties were insurmountable to her. She wished she could stay longer to help relief efforts, but was pulled back to Federation space as the entire Alpha Quadrant was rebuilding after the devastation. She found herself transferred to Starbase 621 as a Station Security officer.

621 was near Tzenkethi space. It was an extreme change of pace to the Ticonderoga. Qiana was charged with managing station security for the thousands of passerby's looking for safe haven. She enjoyed her time there, but felt that it was lacking in the same purpose as she wanted. Eventually, she requested transfer to an open Chief of Security position on the USS Nova.

The Nova, being a science ship, was ideal for Qiana. They were serving Starfleet's purpose of seeking out new life. She quickly became friends with the rest of the crew, being that it was only a compliment of 50. Even though she enjoyed her time, she felt like she could still do more. And then, she realized the embassy of New Lakarian City opened up. Qiana couldn't help, but think that she could continue the work she did previously, and sent a request to become Chief of Security there.

Current Assignment

Posting Embassy Operations

Service Record

Service Number SF-038-199
Security Clearance Level 8 (Director)
Authorization Code Kazadi-Echo-9-0-1
Diplomatic Status Representative
Certified to represent the United Federation of Planets.
Diplomatic Immunity Partial Privileges
Training Advanced Tactical Training
Beam Technology
Early Starfleet History
Interspecies Protocol
Leadership, Advanced
Strategy and Tactics
Survival Strategies
Tactical Analysis
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Security Officer Cadet - 2365-2369
USS Ticonderoga - Security Officer - 2369 - 2374
USS Ticonderoga - Assistant Chief Security Officer - 2374-2377
Starbase 621 - Docking Bay Security Specialist - 2377-2383
USS Nova - Chief Security Officer - 2383-2389