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E1: The Price of Unity

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The Alrakis Pact united the Breen, Tzenkethi, Talarians, and the Ravagers. This new friendship between the Tzenkethi and the Breen changed the slave markets overnight, aligning two of the market’s largest competitors. The powers now used slaves as a commodity; a tool for negotiations and trade. Sourcing and distribution networks opened between the powers, and profits skyrocketed overnight. Countless slave labor camps began sprouting up on any habitable world or station in the Inconnu Expanse, though the majority of the camps were laid along the Breen and Tzenkethi borders to keep out of the Federation’s prying eye. The Federation lost contact with several assets within a few lightyears of these assumed camps, including a Starfleet Corps of Engineers team and a Marine Special Forces team.

Meanwhile, on Cardassia, Ambassador Fleming receives intelligence reports that several trained and poor civilians are being abducted on the outskirts of New Lakarian City and transported off world. This operation, fronted as a Ferengi trade depot, provided slaves to the thriving and profitable Breen-Tzenkethi market. A disagreement on purchasing terms leads to threat from the Breen to expose the Ferengi’s operation to the Cardassians and Federation. The Ferengi rig the depot to explode, killing the slaves and wiping their trace before either the Cardassians or Federation can catch on. Unbeknownst to the Ferengi, a Cardassian cargo vessel containing highly unstable materials was landing in the building next to the depot. When the Ferengi depot exploded, it caused a chain reaction that destroyed several residential buildings and took several hundred lives.

It is unclear whether any of these trades were negotiated under the auspice of the Breen, Tzenkethi, or Ferengi governments, but as tensions rise in the Gavarian Corridor, the Cardassians blames a faction ideologically opposed to the new Union. Ambassador Fleming, however, has her doubts of the Cardassian’s intentions.

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