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Damage Report!!

Posted on Sat Sep 28th, 2019 @ 5:45pm by Nicole Reynolds & Edward Dawson & Alyssa Fleming Ph.D. & Frank Mullins & Caol Revek & Qiana Kazadi & Marcel Moreau & Connor O'Sullivan & Nat & Magdalena Villa-Encarnación & Ashex Oo

Mission: E1: The Price of Unity
Location: Federation Embassy: Central Operations
Timeline: Mission Day 8 at 1600

"Get me a damage report before the Ambassadors get here!" Magdalena Villa-Encarnación shouted over the chaos. Starfleet and Civilians were sidling by each other and jogging to their respective consoles. Others wisped by one another and broke into a run through the door that left the Operations center to carry news and coordinating efforts. The middle aged Latina huffed and tied back her iron gray hair into some semblance of a ponytail, her steely eyes focusing on the holographic image hovering over the main display table.

Arthur Dobson dropped down from his console, tapping at a PADD. He spoke to Magdalena without even looking uop from the data stream in his hands, "SMC-Lakarian City is standing by for Triage operations. The nearby Ferengi Medical Center is suspending their treatment fees for the duration. So far sixteen confirmed dead and twenty six injured, and we don't have any fucking idea how high that number'll go. On an ordinary day, there's hundreds," his eyes widened in a shrug, "Maybe a couple of thousand civilians and contractors in the area."

"We're tying in to the Cardassian satellite system now. We need the Gul-Tar's go ahead. We're launching the South Platte just in case. They have a working sensor pod. We'll get a better idea of what we're dealing with." A young Bajoran stated from his station.

Magdalena shook her head, "Not good enough, I want five Class five probes in the air. Until then, we need to assume radiation protocols." The Bajoran shifted his place at his console and with a conspicuous tap, five pulsing sounds like a firing torpedo sounded. "Probes are away. We'll get into the mesosphere and deploy. ETA two minutes until we start getting telemetry."

"Better," Magdalena said. She refocused her gaze on the flashing yellow bezels of the screens around her.

Marcel walked into the room next, concern evident on his face, "I was planning on a peaceful afternoon, but I should know better on Cardassia, non?" He quipped as he headed toward Magdalena, "Alyssa will be here shortly, is there any new intel?" He asked.

Magdalena shook her head, still leaning on the table, "We're still trying to uplink to the Cardassian sensor grid. But the Ferengi are reporting a massive explosion in one of their depots. It might've taken out a freighter on the landing pad nearby. The Ferengi Ambassador is on standby for Rubia". She tapped at the hologram to track the probes they'd just launched, "Do you have any contacts in the CiB or Central Command that can grease the uplink a little faster?"

"Possibly, oui," Marcel said, nodding. "Let me see if I can contact any of them," He said, pulling a personal communicator from his pocket and stepping out of the action for a moment to see if his friends could pull any strings.

Qiana came straight from security section to central ops. She immediately walked to the city surveillance console. She was pulling as many feeds as she was able to access without overriding Central Command. Any CCTV footage from nearby storefronts, anything that could get a better visual on the situation.

Marcel had been waiting on a hold tone for far to long before a voice - and thankfully the one he wanted - came on the line.

"Legate Revek here. Make it quick!" A gruff Cardassian voice shouted over the comm at Marcel. It was clear that Central Command was in a frenzy. A cacophony of shouting voices nearly drowned out the Gul'Tar's own voice.

"This is Consul General Moreau of the Federation Embassy, mon ami" he announced in his lilting, Southern French accent. "We would like to assist with rescue efforts, but we'd need access to Central Command's satellite grid -"

"Yes, fine, you'll have it," the Gul-Tar interrupted, sounding distracted. "If you require anything further, request it through my aides. I don't have time for the Federation embassy at this time. Revek out."

Ashex entered quickly, “I’ve been monitoring the Cardassian News Casts, they aren’t very forthcoming with information for their people.” She said to no one in particular.

Magdalena nodded at that in acknowledgement, "They're not being very forthcoming with us either. Marcel's trying to get us access to their sensor grids at least. Ashex, can you set up coordinating responses with the civilian contractors in our zone? They're going to need to know what is happening. Ask for volunteers to help. We need to know what is structurally sound to enter, and they'll be able to distribute ABC gear to ground personnel."

She gestured for the lilac-haired woman to join as the holo-table came alive. "Lets set our staging areas here," she pointed to a location three city blocks from the suspected edge of the location, "And here. We need transporter pattern enhancers. Someone locate Commander Zarr!"

Ashex nodded and moved to a station of her own to begin coordinating the effort.

A few moments later, the turbolift towards the back of Ops opened. Alyssa rushed out with Frank and her security by her side. "What the hell happened?" she shouted as she quickly moved through the crowd, joining Marcel and Magdalena in the center of the room. She turned her head up to the large projection hovering over the main ops console and watched the live feed of reports as they came through.

Frank trailed behind Alyssa. He sighed as he worked his way through the commotion flooding Ops. He was no stranger to days like this, and he seemed unfazed by what he saw. He stood across from Alyssa, arms crossed over his chest as he observed the situation.

Marcel had abruptly run across the room and pulled up an interface, looking over some settings, then exclaiming, "C’est beau! Magdalena! We 'ave access to Central Command's grid. I'm patching it through to the holo table now," He said, sending it over.

With an amber and green flicker, a hybridized Federation-Cardassian picture of the situation began to unfold. The dust storm was still choking ground sensors but the probes would be in position momentarily. Magdalena turned her attention to the Ambassador and Frank Mullins, "We just monitored a massive explosion in the Ferengi sector of New Lakarian City. We're still getting people on the ground. The dust storm is making things a lot more difficult. Starfleet Medical is assembling trauma teams now. The Ferengi equivalent is already online." Magdalena straightened, "Which reminds me, the Ferengi Ambassador is standing by for you, Madam Ambassador."

"Has anyone seen Zarr?" Magdalena called out again, "We need to get damage control specialists on the ground, rapidamente!" Telemetry from the Cardassian system began to blink into place as did the Starfleet probes. "Dios mio," Magdalena said, "Looks like... four square blocks of the Ferengi sector and two on the Cardassian adjacent. We have major chemical and radiation signatures. Looks primarily like... impulse drive isotopes and maybe chemical volatiles. Get Dawson onscreen." She pointed.

"Before you patch me through to the Ambassador, do we have any information on what caused this explosion?" Alyssa asked her team. There were two possibilities floating around her mind: either this was an unfortunate accident or the people on the vessel they attacked are retaliating. "I don't want to send in any of our people until we're sure this is an isolated incident. I'm sure the Cardassians are already deploying teams to control the situation, we should coordinate with them."

"We just don't know yet. It could be an accident, it could've been a bomb." Magdalena said. "It was a ship, probably a small freighter. They land in this area on a regular schedule."

Connor O'Sullivan rushed into the room, "Sorry I'm late, ladies and gents. Zarr's on his way, be here any minute. I just arrived this morning, so I wasn't quite ready for any excitement," The man said, a grin on his face matching the lilt of if Irish accent. "Lieutenant Connor Sullivan, Assistant Chief of Engineering here," He offered, looking around. "What can I do to help?" he asked.

Magdalena looked at the new face from her position at the situation table. "Alright Mr. O'Sullivan, take a look here. The telemetry is coming in now. There's been an explosion in the Ferengi and Cardassian sectors. We're trying to assemble construction specialists and damage control teams to make sure the area is safe for our medical personnel. That's where you come in."

Director Villa turned to the also newly minted Security Chief, "Kazadi. Coordinate our Security forces to protect our teams down there. Assist in evac if you can, but we're deferring to Ferengi and Cardassian authority in the area. We're there to help, not command."

"On it," said the Commander. She took to her console, relegating about half of the team to extract any Federation member, and a larger team to help any civilians leave the area. She spoke over comms, "All teams, we are to leave as little footprint as possible. Get as many people to safety as possible, but give way to the rightful authorities."

O'Sullivan had immediately poured over the data coming through the feeds on the central table, speaking back up after a moment, "There's a lot of damage down there, but most of it isn't dangerous beyond slipping hazards," He said, looking over everything the feed could give him. "That retaining wall there needs to be shored up, and the supports on the fuel tank over there... those are my real concerns," He said to anyone who cared to listen, pointing to each in turn. "I'll get down there with two teams. Some portable force field generators should do the trick until we can get heavier equipment in to actually fix the issues... Give me an hour and we'll be safe to send in support teams. Half an hour and we'll be... mostly safe," He offered.

"Go, now," Marcel said, nodding to the man.

"Gone," O'Sullivan replied, already tapping his comm badge and barking orders to his repair crews.

"Mon cher," He said, turning to Mags, "If you've got no objection, I'll go down there as well, start seeing what I can do and try to help manage things, oui?"

Magdalena's nod was a half one, her eyes skirting to their Chief of Security, "Commander Kazadi, you are personally responsible for the Deputy Chief's safety and return, understood?" In a way she wish she could also go. Magdalena always felt like she needed to be nearest the situation. He didn't enjoy Ivory Towers. But her place was, strictly speaking, here. At least this time. "Be safe you two." She had a grandmother's concern on her face.

Alyssa clenched her jaw as she nodded at Marcel. "Be safe, and I'm sure I don't have to remind you both that we're guests of the Cardassian government. You control our personnel, but this is their show," she told the two. "Now," she said, facing back to Mags, "Let's get that Ambassador on the line and see if we can find out what happened."

"Oui, mademoiselle, but of course," Marcel said, grabbing his jacket and turning to Kazadi, "Lead the way, mon ami," He said, already moving toward the door.

Magdalena had, meanwhile, gone back into action. She shifted spaces, exchanging with Arthur Dobson, "Madam Ambassador, the Ferengi Ambassador." She said to draw the blonde woman's attention. She gestured to the holo-emitter. With a wash of fuzzy energy, a little like a transporter, the diminutive Ferengi male appeared.

Nat was dressed in typical gaudy Ferengi fashion- a coral colored jacket with long tails with blue laced embossing that had an electrum shimmer. He had a gold sigil against his chest, the Ferengi Alliance symbol. The Ferengi nodded respectfully at Fleming, his gravelly and low voice beginning, "Madam Ambassador."

"Ambassador Nat," Alyssa said as she stepped forward towards the projection. "It seems like we have quite a mess on our hands. How can we be of service?" she asked.

Nat nodded, his hands clasped in front of him, "Yes. Our sensors tracked a Cardassian freighter trying to land near one of our depots. We're happy to coordinate our Doctors and Engineers with yours. Feel free to use our staging areas, as your own," he made a gesture more like he was presenting a table of a feast, making a deferring motion with his arms. His sharp teeth were born around his smile, like ivory brambles. "Our depot was being decommissioned but we had several fuel cells stored there awaiting transport next month."

"I already have teams on the ground and my Deputy Chief of Mission is heading there now to supervise," Alyssa responded. "I'll have him touch base with your teams when he arrives, but let us know where you need the most help. From what I can see, the Cardassians have also already mobilized their teams." She paused as she observed the Ferengi Ambassador. "Is there anything else you can tell us about what happened?"

The Ferengi shook his head in the Human fashion of negative, "Everything we have right now says this is a tragic accident. But we will immediately send any data we receive on the ground to you and your teams." He tilted in that Ferengi way that was somehow respectful to them, but tended to make Humans feel like the Ferengi was about to bite out their throat. "Your assistance is appreciated." The Ferengi made the sign of respect to his people- the heels of the hands touching in what was a half-plead to Humans.

Alyssa slowly nodded to the Ambassador as she signaled to an Ops officer to cut the comm link. "Well, that was helpful," she said to nobody in-particular. She took a deep breath and looked up at the holoprojection above the command console. "I want to know the minute Marcel and Commander Kazadi are on the ground."


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