Federation Embassy



The Favour

Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 11:51pm by Rakena Kejaad & Soit Emla

Mission: E1: The Price of Unity
Location: The Abandoned Magrail Station
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1900

A large cloud of dust billowed behind the stark black skimmer as it raced towards its destination.

With so much going on, Rakena had nearly forgotten about her own Housewarming. All the Cardassian elite would be in attendance, and some foreign guests as well. There was one guest, however, that Rakena still needed to invite.

The skimmer approached the abandoned magrail station and stopped near one of the vast doors. The older Cardassian woman stepped out into the afternoon sun and waited by the side of the vehicle.

The stick insect of a Cardassian boy appeared a few moments later from dust-covered stairs that descended into grimy ruin beneath them. He walked gingerly, as if his shoulder and arm were stiff. The boy's dark eyes followed the lines of the skimmer and the stately woman outside it.

Soit swallowed, nervous, and quietly reminded himself that no one knew anything. The Federation hadn't turned over his name to them as the boy they'd rescued from the slavers and the Frankenship. His status of asylum, equally unknown. He was Soit. Just Soit. He had nothing to take. Still, he fingered Sean's commbadge's outline in his pocket with a casual roll of his finger.

Soit approached and gave the Councillor her appropriate honors. He respectfully nodded his head. "I got your message, Ma'am." He said.

“Soit,” Rakena said with a tender motherly tone, “how’ve you been keeping?” She sounded genuinely concerned. His face conveyed a nervousness that was of concern to the councillor. The last thing she needed was for him to back out of their agreement.

Soit answered promptly, "Oh I'm fine, Ma'am. Some friends of mine were hurt when some slavers came. I haven't seen them since. I'm worried about them." He narrowed one eye in the bathing, hazy sun, "I had to leave where I lived. The explosion destroyed it." He paused, "How can I help you?" It was as close as a lowly Cardassian street kid could really ask a stately leader how she was.

“If you need shelter or supplies, you need only ask.” Rakena had genuine concern. She quickly opened the door to the skimmer and retrieved a canteen of water. She handed it gently to the boy. “Can we walk?”

Soit took the canteen with a grateful smile, "Of-of course Your Excellency." His next smile was more nervous, pensive. He sipped from the canteen. "The dust storm was the worst I remember..."

“I require your services.” The Councillor said abruptly, effectively ignoring his comment about the weather.

Soit blinked. Hot wind kicked up some of the still-uncleared fesh-fesh. "How can I help?"

Rakena clasped her hands behind her back. “I’m having a get together to celebrate my home being completed, I’ve invited many influential and important guests. I need you to be my ear to the ground.” She looked at him, hopeful.

If Soit did have one thing going for him, it was a relative amount of innocuousness. His nod was slow, considering, weighing; he agreed when he nodded more certainly. "Of course," he agreed.

“I thought you might pose as a Porter, and take coats. People often have important conversations on their way into parties.” Rakena seemed to have thought this through.

Soit thought so too. His dark eyes searched the imagery behind his eyes. "And these're people who are high enough up, they're not going to notice someone like me." He nodded slowly.

“Well we’ll clean you up and dress you like the rest of the staff, I doubt it will raise any alarms with anyone.” She shrugged. “Take it from me, when you gather the upper echelons together the help might as well be furniture.”

Soit nodded. As flattering as it was to be compared to an ottoman, that kind of innocuousness had kept him alive thus far. "When, Ma'am?"

“Tomorrow evening, I’ll arrange for your pickup with enough time to clean up before you need to start.” Rakena exhaled the warm air, “Do you have any questions Soit?”

The youth had many, but they were not the sort that the Councilwoman could answer. He was pensive, it showed on his face. "I'll meet your drivers here," Soit announced, "I don't. But if I have them later, who is the head of the house staff that I should ask them to?"

“Direct your questions to Mazel Tov.” Rakena considered her response further. “She’ll be my point of contact for the party.”

"Mazel Tov," Soit repeated the name, burning it into his memory. "I understand."

“Do you have any needs from me, besides typical payment?” She looked over the boy. “Is shelter an issue for you, I know you mentioned you lost your last .. place.” She hoped the word not too offensive or vague.

Soit didn't seem to take any offense. He felt her look him over, and subconsciously slid his clay colored fingers along his tricep. "No ma'am. Just the normal is fine. I secured a place to live. I like to stay mobile." His nose wrinkled at the bridge, "And sometimes in the shadows." He blinked, "If I can ask one question, Ma'am, what happened last night, with the explosion?"

Rakena considered her answer. “It was discussed in Council this morning. An accident, many councillors believe its due to the Federation presence although I see no stock in that theory yet.”

Soit's nose wrinkled with his own intrinsic doubt- but only because of the events he went through just as it happened. "Why would the Federation have an accident in the Ferengi zone?" The boy asked innocently.

“It’s not my job to philosophize the motives of the Federation.” Rakena said with some amusement.

Soit slow blinked, his arms folding across his chest. "It's someone's job though. I wonder what their agenda is."

“My, you are interested in the most mundane things.” She shook her head disapprovingly. “We are best to leave those questions to the Bureau.”

An unfazed Soit swallowed his doubt, certain that explosions did not qualify as mundane. He certainly didn't trust the Bureau either. They were still, at least on the street, as feared as the old Order. "Is there anything more, ma'am?"

Rakena shook her head. The Councillor feared they may be spotted if they made their meeting too long. “I should be going.” She said nervously. “The skimmer will be around, by early afternoon.” She had begun towards the vehicle, the driver opened her door and she reached in for another canteen. “Until tomorrow.”

"Tomorrow, Ma'am," Soit nodded his head politely, casting eyes on the Cardassian who came with the canteen for her. Soit took a step back, then another. Then he turned, eventually disappearing into the silent totems that were the ruins of the old quarter.

Without looking back, Rakena got into her skimmer and signalled the driver to take her home. She exhaled and found herself feeling worried for Soit. The Councillor shook her head, mustn’t get attached. Not again.